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Discover Malta and its beauty. We want to recommend you an unforgettable stay in one of the most wonderful places in the world - Saint Paul's Bay in Malta. If you look for the calm atmosphere, clear sky and crystal sea, sunny weather and nice and open people - you are moving in the right direction. You will find all those attractions and many, many more choosing your stay in our unique Maltese house of character. It is distinguished with the spirit of good taste, which will guarantee you good mood during your whole stay in Malta.

The first visit here in June 2008 left us impressed and thrilled by Maltese climate, landscapes and heritage. We were impressed by stay in the nice environment at Malta Campsite. Then, the idea appeared: shouldn't we share these impressions with the others? The outcome of this idea is our home in Malta. The home which is open for you.

We come from Poland, the country with a strong sense of local tradition. We love Warsaw where we live but are also very open to other cultures. Our house catches the spirit of Maltese tradition, with its limestone walls and stairs, baroque benches and victorian stones - remnants of Malta's colonial past. We thought our children might benefit a lot from clashing with the essence of Maltese culture. In the same way we invite also your children to stay in our house.

There are many things which show the uniqueness of the place and its surroundings like old furniture covered by mellowness, panoramic night view from the terrace, neighbourhood of old traditional townhouses. All gives you an opportunity to slow down your pace of life and enjoy the benefits of a typically Maltese offer.

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